JTFORCE has partnered with The ATS, Jr., a multi-millionaire platform, whose vision is to build 100,00 millionaires by 2025.  With our transition, ATS has developed ATS University, that provides over 1,000 courses on how to start a business, market, brand, raise capital, social media training, how to write a book, overcoming low self-esteem, real estate and so much more.  

You will be able to complete courses on computer engineering, game developing, block chain technology, real estate, business, marketing, finances and if you are over 55, you can complete courses within the Silver Sneaker University and much more.  

ATS has provided you the opportunity to sign up for FREE on the freshman level and to obtain more courses, you have the ability to upgrade to sophomore, junior and senior level.  

Don't rob yourself of your dream, your passion, that you always wanted to do.  Embark on the the resources and opportunity available to you on starting your own business...

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